Our Affiliates

GCCAlogoThe cold chain refers to the temperature management of perishable products in order to maintain quality and safety from the point of slaughter or harvest through the distribution chain to the final consumer. The Global Cold Chain Alliance serves as the focused voice of the cold chain industry, representing 1,200 member companies in 75 countries. The Global Cold Chain Alliance and its Core Partners are supported by the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), a nonprofit foundation. WFLO develops education and research for the industry and provides cold chain advisory services that empower economic development and strengthen the global cold chain.



ipialogoThe IPIA’s mission is for our members to provide the retailer and consumer with a safe, high-quality, consumable food product. IPIA members recognize that ICE IS A FOOD and meet mandatory safe packaged ice accreditation standards.



NIAlogoA regional packaged ice association representing ice manufactures, ice distributors, and suppliers of ice equipment. Located from Maine through Virginia with over 100 members throughout the Northeastern United States.




With a 30+ year career in culinary arts and design, CIA trained chef and author Kevin O’Malley has provided ice sculptures for celebrities, corporations and caterers, as well as individuals that are looking to create a unique event. His ice carvings have been used on television shows like The Today Show and the Voice. His reputation for reliability, customer service, and quality has been the key to his ongoing success.