Welcome to ice king and cold storage, the home of New Jersey’s finest family owned and operated Ice Company.

We are a business where high standards are required throughout all aspects of our company; from manufacturing through packaging to storage and finally to delivery. We take a leadership position (roll) in our industry by being extraordinarily focused on ice quality and food safety.

Notice our header, you will see the banner that indicates our membership in the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) and the ICE IS FOOD. Both are very important; as being a member of IPIA means we are inspected to their standards by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and we adhere to all the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food.

Now, click on ICE IS FOOD to see the FDA’s Food Fact Sheet on ICE. Note that they have determined that ice should be properly manufactured, stored and delivered. Thus, all our packaged ice cube products are quality certified.

Quality is a State-of-Mind at Ice King and Cold Storage! We manufacture over 250,000 pounds of ice per day and we have thousands of satisfied customers and would like you to be one of our customers too. But we have not forgotten the environment either. We have a plastic recycling program and have entered into an energy demand response program to reduce the loads of our power plants during extra heavy demand. And of course we also recycle and repare our pallets and recycle our waste cardboard. You can count on Ice King and Cold Storage to do the right thing by you and the environment.

If you have a need for ice, we want to talk with you. We will provide direct delivery or send you to a store that carries our ice.

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